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Should you Buy a Triple Stroller?

So you are going to have three young kids (or triplets!) and are wondering how you are going to get around. Should you buy a triple stroller? Do they even exist?

Triple Strollers

As scary as it might sound, there is such a thing as a triple stroller. In fact, you can even get a 6 seat stroller!  Unfortunately, the bigger the stroller gets, the more cumbersome they are. In fact, no triple stroller gets great reviews. They are going to be big and hard to push and it’s impossible to avoid that.

On the upside, however, if you do need a triple stroller, you do have some choices. You can even get a triple jogging stroller which is a side by side option. Generally, you are going to be looking at buying a tandem triple stroller with all the seats one behind each other like in the child craft sport stroller pictured below.

child craft

If one of your children is old enough to stand, you may want to consider the Joovy Big Caboose stand on triple stroller. This stroller has two seats with a board at the back for the third child. This ensures this stroller is a more compact triple option and works well if it suits your kids’ ages. It also takes two capsules so this is a good choice if you are having twins and already have an older toddler or preschooler.

Other options

If one of your children is an older toddler or preschooler, then you could consider a double stroller with a skateboard option. This is where you buy an attachment for the back of the stroller where the older child can stand or sit. It can work very well and saves a bulky (and expensive) triple option.

The downside is that this can make it more difficult to push and the child might be in your feet space.

Another option is to use a baby carrier and carry your youngest child. This has the downside that they are on you are all times, but it does mean you can get by with a double stroller.

I’d love to hear any other alternatives that you have come across…

Travel Systems vs Convertible Car Seats: Which one should you buy?

Baby strollers may be our calling here at Baby Stroller Reviews, but we know that there are more decisions for parents to make than just strollers. One of the big struggles parents have is choosing the right car seat for their child. Parents now demand more from car seat manufacturers than ever before. We do not just want an infant car seat, we want more. The two main types of car seats that parents love are travel systems and convertible car seats.

What makes these favorites among parents? What features do each of these have? Buying a car seat will require you to make the same considerations as when you are buying a stroller. Below we will discuss what makes each of these types of car seats great so that you can make an informed decision.

Travel Systems

When your baby is born there are a lot of things to purchase. Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase these things altogether? Well, you can.

A travel system is one option for parents that combines a rear facing car seat, a stroller base and usually a bassinet. They can be used for as long as your child fits into them – and as children are now recommended to sit rear facing until they no longer fit, they are used for a while. However, once you child is old enough to require a forward facing car seat they are no longer useful. You can read more about the features of travel systems here.

The pros: Travel systems will save you from buying a bassinet, car seat and stroller separately by combing them all into the one system. They allow for an easy transition from the car to stroller and back. This is welcomed when you have a sleeping baby that you don’t want to disturb.

The cons: Travel systems can be very heavy! As all parents will know car seats are not the lightest thing in the world and the base also needs to be strong enough to hold it. The base can also be heavy. The good news is that there are lightweight travel systems available. Travel systems can also only be used whilst your child is still using a rear facing car seat.

Convertible Car Seats

Your baby can not be rear facing forever. Although this is the safest way to have your baby positioned, eventually they will outgrow this and will require a forward facing car seat. This means that you will need purchase a forward facing car seat in addition to the rear facing car seat. But what if a car seat could be used both forward and rear facing? It can!

A convertible car seat is one that can be used either forward or rear facing. It is easy to see why this is beneficial for parents. It can be used throughout the duration of your childs life and adapts to them as they grow. They can also be found with a booster seat making them a 3 in 1 system. To help you find the best convertible car seat, you can compare them here. One of our favorites is the Safety 1st Guide 65. It is strong, comfortable and affordable.

The pros: Convertible car seats grow with your baby. The moment they outgrow the rear facing position, the car seat can be turned around and used forward facing. This saves you from purchasing an additional car seat.

The cons: Convertible car sears can be on the higher end of your budget. They can also be very heavy.

Which one should I buy?

To answer this question you should consider a few things. Firstly, your budget.

Travel systems can be an expensive option, but if you would otherwise be purchasing a bassinet and stroller in addition to a rear facing car seat, then they can be a cost effective option. Regardless of this, you can find these things individually quite cheap and so travel systems remain costly.

Convertible car seats can vary greatly in their cost, although the cheaper they are the less features they have which may compromise safety. It is worth spending a bit more for the added safety features they include.

You also need to consider how long you plan to use the car seat. Is this an option for one child to follow him through the years? A convertible car seat may be your best option. Or, is this simply your first stroller for your first child? To save you the hassle of purchasing things individually, you may consider purchasing a travel system.

It is clear that both are great options for parents and it is definitely difficult to pick between them. There are too many variables to consider to give you a clear answer, so it is best to consider your own life style and requirements and go from there!

Choosing an Umbrella Stroller that is Best for your Lifestyle

A new parent’s foray into must-have children equipment is at once intimidating and overwhelming. There’re a lot of options, a lot of features, and really a lot of different price tags.

Dollar figures range from $25 for a cheap umbrella stroller to upward of $800 for stylish high-end models. The real question is: “What really makes up that huge price difference?”

Umbrella Strollers

Baby Gizmo, which thoroughly tests and inspects baby strollers gives a breakdown. We found top-priced ones were generally manufactured using aeronautical-grade, lightweight aluminum, making them very sturdy, durable and much easier to lift out and in of vehicle trunks. Read more information on stroller safety by visiting

The seats featured much thicker, better-made cushioning (or comprised of higher quality materials), with better back support for the child and top-notch fabric. Furthermore, the ride was smoother. Designer strollers usually had oversized, swivel front wheels with shock absorbers. Swivel wheels made them easier to push as well.

High-end strollers can have any number of bells and whistles. For example, height-adjustable handlebars and an option to position baby facing back or forward, facing mom or whoever is pushing. Read more about pros and cons of a full featured stroller.

The site sets the benchmark at about $300 for a good quality standard model, however warns that the choice should not hang on price tag alone. An umbrella stroller is something parents will depend on for many things in many different situations. Parents will use it for quite a long time and use it frequently. Those are reasons enough to splurge for a model with best price/quality ratio.

On the other hand, higher price does not assure best quality. We found that even the high priced ones were subject to weakness, flawed design as well as breakage.

Always bear in mind that you will possibly need different types of strollers for different daily activities. There are three-wheel jogging umbrella strollers for much better maneuvering over uneven as well as grass pavements; all-terrain models for hiking; ultra-lightweight models for short trips with older kids; double models made for two (tandem or side by side) and travel systems which come with a snap-in stay-in vehicle base and seat.

Perhaps the smartest course of action is to talk to other more experienced moms and dads, read some consumer reviews and most importantly – test drive a couple of models.

Finally, put the word out that you’re looking. A lot of moms and dads would rather sell or hand-off a decent-quality umbrella stroller than have to store the big thing when the little one has long outgrown it.

Umbrellas vs. Lightweights and Top Brands Reviewed

Which umbrella stroller would be the best for your family and your lifestyle is only one of many choices that a new parent has to make.  There are a huge variety of types and styles of stroller for a parent to choose from to help make their lives easier.  There are various types of strollers that are designed as light weight and easy to use but some of these could be rickety and may not totally be safe for your child.  There are many decisions that need to be made to find the best choice.

What Type Will Work Best For You?

The double jogging stroller could work best for some mothers and fathers if they have more than one child.  This way there is only one stroller that would hold two children for their trip out to the park or to the local store.  Another important factor is how lightweight and easy to maneuver the stroller is.  How compact a stroller folds also holds a high place on the list of importance, because it may have to be used in traveling on a bus or airline or just may need to take up a small amount of space at home or in the family vehicle.


Things To Consider

  • How will you use your new stroller?
  • How old is your child that you will be pushing in it?
  • How much does your child weigh?
  • How comfortable is the stroller for your child?
  • Does the stroller fit into your budget?

Why Are These Choices So Important?

One thing that many people seem to overlook, is the age of the child.  This is important, because if your child is an infant under the age of 3 months, they will have very little to no neck control.  If your child is under 6 months, then your child is at a critical stage of development and should not be sitting up for an extended period of time.  Many people do not think about all of this.  It is important that if you have an infant to select a stroller that will recline back so to support your infants head and back for its safety.

Another thing to consider is the proper size and height of your stroller for your ease of use.  If the stroller is too big and heavy with your child or children in it for your strength, how comfortable is it going to be for you to use.  If the handles on the stroller sit too low and you have to bend over to push it, how long of a walk are you going to be able to take with your child.  When making a choice on selecting your stroller, not only are there decisions to be made for the benefit of your child but also for either mom or dad that will be using the stroller the most.  Be sure to consider all of your options when selecting your new umbrella stroller by considering your lifestyle.

Read more about selecting a stroller.

Britax B - Agile Stroller

Britax B – Agile Stroller Review

When it comes to umbrella strollers there are so many options to choose from and they all fall under a different budget bracket. So how do you choose the right one for you and your baby? Do you focus on price, on weight or special features?

It seems that whichever choice you make you will be losing out on something, but not anymore. The Britax B strollers are made to make sure that you don’t have to compromise. Britax B strollers are everyday strollers and can be easily transformed. Not convinced? Keep reading!

Britax B - Agile Stroller
Britax B – Agile Stroller

What kind of umbrella stroller is it?

This amazing stroller can be used right from birth, which means you don’t need to worry about upgrading your stroller system as soon as your baby starts to grow. The stroller can manage weights of over three stone which means you won’t need to think about changing strollers until your baby is fully on their way to becoming a toddler.

It also offers a light weight build that folds down easily. It even has a handy carrying handle on the top of the stroller to ensure that you can manage it as easily as possible. The lightweight system folds over reducing its size by more than half. So you won’t have any problems checking in to an airport or even fitting it into your boot with your shopping. It is also really quick to fold down meaning you won’t have to hold any buses up on your journeys.

Where is it suitable?

The Britax B stroller is suitable for any urban areas and will suffice in any rural areas you might visit. The whole design has been specifically streamlined so you can navigate around shopping aisles and busy streets without any difficulty. This is a really important feature as not many strollers can be used with ease around busy urban areas due to their size and bulk. You can read an interesting research on Buggy direction can effect your child by visiting

The wheels are designed with a multi-way system that means that you will easily be able to change direction and move around obstacles that might normally prevent you and your stroller from moving. The three wheeled design also helps to ensure that you can get to where ever you want to go.

Is it stylish?

No parent wants to push around an ugly stroller and the people who made the Britax B stroller know this, that’s why this stroller isn’t only easy to use and navigate but it is also very nice to look at. Available in a range of different colours, you will be able to choose one that matches your style. The sun shade is curved and designed to fit right in with the rest of the system rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Over all the design on the Britax B stroller is very palatable.

The Britax B stroller is a revolutionary step forward in stroller designs. There is nothing left out on this system and you won’t find yourself compromising on anything should you chose to use it. It’s been on the top of the best selling umbrella strollers since it first came out and with good reason.

Read about more strollers here.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Review

If, like many parents, you are expecting your second child then you might be wondering how you are going to get them around on a day to day basis. Well, it might be worth considering getting the Joovy Caboose stand on umbrella stroller. This stroller has been designed with a growing family in mind and it is perfect for assisting you in getting both your new born and your toddler from A to B.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Features on the umbrella stroller

The main features that this stroller offer are a light weight and one touch fold system plus the ability to have your new born upfront and your toddler sat comfortable behind the pram. Meaning that you can transport both your children with ease to wherever you might need to go. Your toddler will have plenty of fun with the umbrella stroller due to the duel choice of either sitting or standing on the back of the stroller. This means that your toddler can stand and watch the world around them and then when they are tired they can sit back and enjoy the comfortable seat that is offered.

Was it made with use in mind?

Too often strollers come out that are beautiful to look at but are useless when it comes to actual usability. This isn’t the case though with the Caboose, it’s designed to work flawlessly with your life. It features a one touch fold down system that makes folding the stroller a breeze and it’s even designed to fold into the smallest size that it could possibly be, making it easier than ever to fit it in the back of your car with your shopping or putting it down while at an airport. The seat is also detachable and can be used as a car seat in any car. This means that you don’t have to disturb your new born even if you need to transfer to a car or bus.


Is it stylish?

Nobody wants an ugly stroller even if it is the easy to use and the Caboose doesn’t fail in this area either. The stroller isn’t bulky and it comes in four different colours so you can truly tailor it to your life and style. A common mistake in double strollers is the width that often exceeds most shopping aisles and sidewalks but that isn’t the case with this umbrella stroller because of the unique seating design. The width of the stroller doesn’t exceed the width of a single stroller meaning that you won’t have a problem using it to shop with or to navigate around busy urban areas.

The Caboose stroller is a streamlined easy to use stroller that truly has the user in mind. Not only will your little ones love to use it but it will be a pleasure to use for you too. There is ample room in the bottom basket to fit any shopping you might have, the seat can be used to sit on or to be stood on, so your toddler feels like they are in control and the removable car seat will work in any car. This umbrella stroller really is great value for money.

You can also read a great article about how to chose the best stroller for you.

How I Manage to get Enough Sleep with a Newborn

Being a mum to a newborn means getting less sleep, sad but true. And breastfeeding, for all its positives means being the only one who can feed baby. So when our beautiful daughter came into the world I had to learn to adapt, and fast.

The only way I managed to get enough sleep to function was to make sleep a priority. Until our daughter fell into a better sleep routine – which enabled me to get some sort of decent sleep at night – I slept whenever she did. If she went down for a nap, so did I.

At first this was a little hard. Finally, some baby free time! There was so much I wanted to do, let alone the things I had to do, that I just couldn’t waste the opportunity. But I learned I had to, so except for simple things like shower or eat meals I tried to get as much rest during the day as possible.

This meant housework fell by the wayside. Unless it just had to be done I didn’t do it. I managed to pull this off by accepting every offer of help or a cooked meal that came my way. Sure, it wasn’t nice to get other people to wash my dishes or do some laundry, and it wasn’t as exciting as helping with the baby directly, but I found people were keen to help me through the early days and this was the best way they could.

And there was quite a few times my husband and I “cheated” and used paid help.  Sometimes we paid for a cleaner to come around and give the place a really good clean. A couple of other times it was simply getting someone to do all the laundry. It wasn’t always cheap but it made such a difference to our stress and comfort levels, knowing the work wasn’t piling up for one of us, that it was money well spent.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my husband, who simply was amazing. He picked up for my “slack” and kept things going in addition to his full time job. Once the baby and I were in bed he’d clean and wash up or cook meals in advance. He was very keen to make sure there was as much healthy, home cooked, food as possible. If there’s a key to prioritising sleep then a constant support person is surely it. I couldn’t have coped so well without him.

So go easy on yourself and do what you can to get through that first big adjustment period.

Buying a Double Stroller

A stroller can become every parent’s best friend. For those who have twins or are expecting a second child, or already have two children close in age, a double stroller can be a God-send, allowing you to move and handle both kids at the same time with a single contraption. Here are a few things to consider when buying a double stroller:

Side-by-side or tandem?

First, decide what would work best for your family, a side-by-side or tandem stroller. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and weighing your options most often boils down to how your family would be using your double stroller.

A side-by-side stroller has the seats beside each other, allowing both kids the same view and allows fully reclining seats for naps. It is wider than a tandem stroller but allows both children (especially if they are the same age, like twins) easier access to their seats.

A tandem stroller has a seat in front of the other making it only as wide as a single stroller. Its narrow frame makes it easier to maneuver and navigate. Many tandem strollers also have customizable features that accommodate baby carriers, making them a popular choice for families with a toddler and an infant. An example is the Baby Jogger City Select.

Your children’s size and age

When choosing a double stroller, make sure it will be able to carry both your children in comfort and safety. A double stroller’s maximum weight capacity should be a primary consideration in the decision making process as it determines how much and how long you get to use your stroller. Go for brands with higher weight ratings to get the most use of your stroller as your children grow.

Consider stroller dimensions

For any baby accessory, strollers most especially, size and weight matters. What’s the point of having a stroller you won’t use because it’s too heavy or too inconvenient to move around? Double strollers are generally bigger and heavier than single strollers for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t mean they should be cumbersome. Choose a double stroller that is lightweight and compact. Many double strollers nowadays are ergonomically designed to be as light and narrow as possible without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Function and durability

Find a double stroller that best suits your family’s unique needs and conditions. Check each feature and assess whether it is something that you need or not. Look for double strollers that allow you to customize and personalize with add-on accessories to truly allow you to maximize its use according to your family’s unique specifications.


Perhaps the most important consideration in buying a double stroller is its cost. Choose a double stroller that gives you the best value for your money. Many higher priced strollers do not live up to quality expectations given their cost. And many affordable double strollers offer a lot more value than their expensive counterparts.

Also ensure that any stroller you choose meets the minimum safety requirements.

At the end of the day, choose a double stroller that would work for you and your family. Not all families are the same, with different needs and preferences. A double stroller that works for one family may not necessarily work for you. So know your needs and how you plan to use your stroller. After all, it could be one of the best parenting investments you ever make.

If you want to read more, check out this great guide to choosing a double stroller.

Why I love Baby Wearing

Although I am obviously a stroller girl at heart, my friend asked to share her thoughts on baby wearing…

My son has always been a screamer. The only way he would calm down was if I picked him up and rocked him and carried him around. Our first two weeks at home were a nightmare with neither of us getting ANY sleep or quiet time. This is how I discovered the wrap and fell in love with baby wearing. I started with a wrap and have since learned to add a ring sling, a pouch and an ergo to my baby-wearing repertoire. Learning to wear my baby literally saved my sanity, for this reason alone I would recommend it. I have since added to this reason though and would like to share some of them today…

Be hands-free

Baby wearing allows you to be hands free from baby, enabling you to do other necessary things like picking up after your husband’s mess, or doing the laundry, washing the dishes, etc. While it’s true that moms should get a time-off from household duties especially when just having a baby, the reality is that this rarely happens or lasts for long. Wearing a baby let’s you get on with everyday life without the strain on your arms and back from carrying the little one. Wearing a baby in a sling, wrap or pouch keeps him safe and snuggled on your bosoms. I found my baby slept very well when I was wearing him even while I did my routine cleaning. The rhythm of my movement was comforting for my colicky boy.

Be more in tune with baby

I found I became more aware of subtle changes in my baby’s breathing and burps and gurgling sound as I began to wear him often. I learned how certain movements or a sound he made meant a particular thing. As we grew into our baby wearing routine I realized I was more aware of his needs because of the constant proximity and the opportunity to always be within my sight. The bawling episodes slowly began to disappear as we got into a wearing rhythm.

Breastfeed on the go

It took me quite a while to figure it out and be able to do it with my wrap, sling and pouch, but with help from countless YouTube videos and a lot of practice, we finally got the hang of breastfeeding while baby wearing. And once I learned how to do it right, it felt as if it was the most natural thing to breastfeed even if we weren’t seated or in bed. I realized this must have been how our Neanderthal ancestors did it, breastfeeding while foraging or finding shelter. It made a lot of sense to me.

Baby wearing has not only made doing the daily chores of everyday parenting life easy, it has also helped a lot in making my baby feel more secure and confident, perhaps because he is always close to my heart, literally. It has made me a better parent in the way I am better able to understand and respond to his cues. If you haven’t tried baby wearing, it is something that I strongly recommend you learn and do.

Interested in getting a baby wrap? I like to buy mine here. I warn you though, once you start baby wearing, it is very addictive!

You can also read about getting enough sleep with a newborn.

A Lightweight or a Full Featured Stroller?

One of the biggest decisions to make when buying a stroller is whether it is more important to you to have a lightweight or a full featured stroller. Unfortunately, it is difficult to have both although there are a few options that fall somewhere in between. The problem is that features take up space and weight and mean that you end up with a much heavier stroller.

Advantages of a lightweight stroller

If you are someone who is out and about a lot then a lightweight stroller can be invaluable. They are so much easier to get in and out of car trunks, navigate around small spaces, such as shops and cafes and are generally easier to set up and fold back up again. Many have a one hand fold that you can do while holding baby along with a carry strap so you can easily lift it back into the trunk of the car as well.

If you plan on traveling with your stroller then a lightweight one is essential. They are far easier to transport on planes and in cars or public transportation. Lightweight strollers can usually be wheeled all the way to the plane so don’t need to be checked in at the usual spot.

Advantages of a full featured stroller

Full featured strollers have lots of extras that can make life easier. This can include lots of storage room for transporting all the accessories that babies need as well as making shopping easier. Cup holders for both parent and baby are a popular accessory as is a snack tray. Other features include recline for baby to sleep, good sun canopies, all terrain tires, ability to jog or add a second seat to the stroller.

Of course, not all strollers have all of these features and some lightweight strollers also feature some of these items.

Which should you chose?

This is, of course, a personal decision. You need to weight up how often you might use the extra features versus how important a lightweight option is for your situation. If you want it all, you could look into lightweight options that also have many features, such as a Maclaren stroller. You will usually add more weight for one of these options, but they are still relatively lightweight.